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Shop for crinkle, feather and fetch balls, refillable cat nip pillows and mice, feathers, rope, balls and Frisbee toys, or fur and ball toys on wands

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When you're searching for the best pet products, All Pets Animal Hospital has the best selection of products. We have been carrying the best for over 30 years! Our pet has been researching the right products since opening in 1984.

We recommend Science Diet foods. With food for everyday, our foods are perfect for all ages and medical conditions. Ask about our prescription diets for more targeted healthcare. Our food only uses the most natural preservative ingredients. Ask us for a food plan.

With a variety of pet treats, get healthy and tasty options. You'll feel great about giving your pet a treat. Ask about our tarter and plaque removing treats. Make training easier with our bite sized treats perfect for all puppy training. Hide medicine in your pet's treats!

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Stop fleas and ticks with our monthly applications. We have Frontline Plus, Advantage, Advantix, Nexband, and Revolution products. Ask us for more information about what prevention is perfect for your pet. We'll create a program.

Keep your pet looking great with our grooming supplies. We carry a variety of nail clippers, brushes, combs, shampoo, supplements, and tear stain removers! Avoid coat and skin problems with our help!

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